With a mission of “elevating student learning,” the emphasis is placed on increasing the level of success students at Parker University already have. Tutoring Services, as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning, promotes advanced student learning at Parker University by providing opportunities to students. By providing learning resources, the CTL coordinates student-centered academic support services and facilitates effective partnerships leading to improvements in student learning.


  • 1987: The tutoring program at Parker University started as an extension of retention efforts put forth by the Dean of Students at the time, Rob Webb. Throughout the years, it was managed by Counseling Services in the Department of Student Affairs.

  • 2012: The Center for Teaching and Learning was established and Tutoring Services transitioned to the CTL for further growth.

  • 2015: In response to modernization of the learning and tutoring fields, an online tutoring platform was purchased in order to expand services to programs without access to on-ground peer tutoring.

  • 2016: The first formal Learning Center was created to house small group tutoring sessions, as well as various models and academic resources.

  • 2019: An EF-3 tornado touched down on the Parker University campus, causing substantial damage to physical buildings and inspiring a reimagining of learning spaces.

  • 2021: The CTL was relocated to a 3,000 square foot space in the new Learning Commons-inspired South Building. This new space provides ample study space, rooms for peer tutoring and faculty development, plus resources for students wanting to elevate their learning.