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How can I get one-on-one tutoring?

Current tutors are not required to provide one-on-one tutoring, since they have a heavy course load like most students here. However, some do provide one-on-one tutoring if you email them. Email a tutor by clicking their photo. Keep in mind that research consistently shows group learning to be highly effective and many of our small group drop-in sessions are small or even one-on-one based on attendance.

What if the subject I need isn't listed?

While we cover many subjects, there are a few we do not provide on-ground services for. We have partnered with to offer additional subjects online and expand our schedule to accommodate your needs. Specific courses, such as chiropractic adjusting classes or clinical courses, may not be covered by on-ground peer tutors nor Please contact your faculty member for additional resources they may have. Offerings can change from time to time so check our schedule and roster frequently.

What do I do if I'm required to attend tutoring?

Some students may be told they need to attend tutoring to fulfill a requirement. The way we conduct tutoring sessions is the same for all students. We track all students through a tracking system behind-the-scenes and this data is sent to your contact person for this requirement. You do not need to notify the tutor of this requirement, but please remember to sign-in.

For questions concerning enforcement of this requirement, please contact the department notifying you of this requirement.

How much does tutoring cost?

As a Parker University student, tutoring is included; there is no additional cost.