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How to Attend a Tutoring Session


Identify The Course You Want

To participate in tutoring, simply attend any of the scheduled sessions. No registration or sign-up is required.

  • Trimester-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with a group of students to address individual areas of concern from various courses within a trimester curriculum. Examples would be "Tri I Tutoring" sessions which could cover Biochemistry I, Cells & Tissues, Developmental and Applied Anatomy, and other Tri 1 courses, depending upon the students' needs and trimester schedule.

  • Course-Specific Tutoring: Tutors work with groups of students in either a lab or classroom setting to address students’ academic needs and questions. The tutor works with a faculty member from the course(s) to determine areas of focus for tutoring sessions. Most large group tutoring sessions fall into this categogory.


Select a Session

This can be done based on your schedule and/or based on the tutor you would like.

  • By Schedule: Check out our tutoring schedule. Sessions are updated as changes are made. The tutors’ courses are listed next to their name. Many of our tutors can tutor many courses. These sessions are first-come-first-served but emailing a tutor ahead of time will help determine what they are tutoring during that time. Click on their photos to email them directly.

  • By Tutor: Check out our roster of tutors and click on their photos to email them directly. Once you have selected a tutor, view the schedule to see their availability.



Make sure to sign in so we have a record of your visit. You will need your student id number for this.