group tutoring

Tutors work with a group of students to address individual areas of concern from various courses. Sessions can be listed as course-specific or general. Examples would be "Tri One Tutoring" sessions which could cover Biochemistry I, Cells & Tissues, Developmental and Applied Anatomy, and other Tri 1 courses, depending upon the students' needs and trimester schedule.

group study


Tutors work with groups of students in either a lab or classroom setting to address students’ academic needs and questions. The tutor works with a faculty member from the course(s) to determine areas of focus for tutoring sessions.

Tutee Expectations

Parker University students (tutees) who participate in peer-tutoring services agree to the following expectations:

  1. I will come prepared to tutoring sessions (i.e.: bring all required materials needed to help tutor assist you, and have a list of specific topics of concern from a course lesson).

  2. I understand that the tutor will NOT do my work for me.

  3. I will be respectful to the tutor and my peers in the session(s).

  4. I understand tutoring services provided by the tutor are not intended to be a substitute for classroom instruction.

  5. I understand tutoring services are not designed to re-teach an ENTIRE lecture/lesson given during a course’s classroom instruction.

  6. I agree for the tutor to share my progress and/or challenges with Center for Teaching and Learning staff.

  7. I agree to be willing to try to new learning strategies/styles the tutor uses in the tutorial session(s).

  8. I am willing to evaluate the peer-tutoring services as requested by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

  9. I agree to meet with tutor at the agreed-upon times and locations (on-campus).

  10. If the tutoring services are unsatisfactory or do not meet my academic needs, I agree to meet and share my concerns with Center for Teaching and Learning staff.